Advanced Features of aycan NDT archive


Audit Logging

  • Track all activity including image incoming storage, retrieval, send out, modify, and delete requests in complete process-independent logs.

Easy to use

  • No need to worry about confusing and complex naming conventions and/or folder storage. aycan NDT image archive’s “one click to query” is fast and efficient.


  • Manages multiple long-term storage solutions and can scale to grow with your archival storage needs
  • Simplified multi-modal information sharing across the any number of end-users

Industry Standard

  • DICONDE E07.11 compliant, non-proprietary solution for digitally storing and retrieving NDT images and information.

Meta data Editing

  • Fix data entry mistakes on the server without requiring a separate QA workstation.
  • No tainting of capture timestamps when making changes.

Native JPEG-Lossless Compression

  • Enables storage space savings with out compromising image quality or integrity.

Related scans

  • Immediately receive prior test images for the same component delivered direct to the inspection workstation without the need to search.


  • Scalable storage either directly attached or via Storage Area Network (SAN) for large corporate IT deployments.
  • Can grow simply without the need to copy data when you are ready to expand.
  • Server ‘role’ based-processes for large deployments.
  • Powerful and petabyte scalable WORM storage with the SilentCube option.


  • aycan meets with you to develop a customized solution to fit into your current/future NDT environment.

Turnkey Installation

  • aycan will thoroughly plan and prepare for the install before arriving on-site, so you are ensured of a smooth and timely installation.

Vendor Agnostic

  • Enables compatibility with other DICONDE hardware and software for quick and easy integration.

Virtual Archiving

  • Segregate data into different silos for group or division isolation with different access requirements based on a programmable rule set.

VPN Encryption

  • Keeps data traffic secure between sites. With the optional automatic off-site data storage, you can safely duplicate data for disaster recovery and other applications.